Today’s Prayer (02/10/2020)

Lord, I am sorry if I have portrayed myself to be something for You, but have not lived up to it in the inside. I know that many times I have said things are wrong, according to Your Word, when I myself have had that same issue. And it breaks my heart when I go against Your will. So cleanse me this day of all my sins. Fill my life with Your love. Help me walk in Your light. I do not wish to only appear righteous but to be made this way through Your presence that is within me. I know that I cannot do anything good, if You are not the one leading me. So please lead me in Your light. Help me to not fall into temptation, but build me up in Your armor. My flesh is weak, but I am strong with You in my life. I can do all things when You have a hold of my hand. It is my desire to not only appear like I am Christian but really live this way from the inside out. This is my life long desire. I am sorry if I have not met the expectations You have had for me, up until now. Please forgive me, Lord. I no longer wish to make a scene, but humbly do as You have called me. It is better for people to see You in me than to want to follow what I do. What is there about me that can save them? Nothing. Only You can save us, dear Lord. Therefore, may the Holy Spirit be with me always. Help me understand the Bible better, that more people will be drawn to You. I wish to see more souls be saved and go to heaven one day. So convict people of their sins, as You have convicted me of my own. May they also desire to be washed in Your blood. Cleanse them, oh Lord. Bring them into Your presence and lead them on the path of righteousness. This is the path that You have placed me on and I am so grateful. I love You, Lord. Thank You for forgiving a wretch like me. I praise You for Your love and mercy. Amen.

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