Today’s Prayer (02/08/2020)

Oh Lord, please help people understand the need to pray. You have told us that all we need to do is knock and You will open the door to us. You are not hiding Your face from us, but only want to sup with us. If we could just have ears to hear, You would give us understanding. I know this to be true and wish that more people would desire to know You personally. There is a difference between saying a prayer that we have recited and say time and again than a heartfelt prayer, where we will really want to know You and have answers to our problems. I’ve gone down the road of saying quick prayers and I was never strong in the faith. I would continually fall into sexual sin and not have a way of it. Therefore, pornography took over my life, and I would be left trying to mark days when I haven’t looked at it, but then be burdened because I fell once again. You know these times Lord, but also that once I put my trust in You, then all these burdens washed away. You took my sins that were heavy upon me and put them upon Your own shoulders to carry. I am so grateful to know that You paid the price for my sins, that I don’t have to worry about them anymore. You heard my confessions and healed my broken heart. I had no way of escaping the evil lifestyle I was in, but You gave me a way of it. Thank You, Lord. I knocked and You answered. I may not be perfect in Your eyes, and far from that, but I know now that seeking You daily is more important than anything else. Without You I am nothing, but with You I am strong. I am able to deflect the temptations of the enemy and come out victorious with you by my side. I love You, Jesus. You are my Savior and the rock upon which I stand. Give me wisdom and others, as they start coming to You more often in prayer. I know that You will help them, as You have continued to help me over the years. Amen.

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