Today’s Prayer (01/21/2020)

Oh Lord, thank You for this life. Thank You for helping me, though I don’t always deserve it. You have not left me comfortless, but have poured upon my life the Holy Spirit. Therefore, if I am being led, it is by Your hand and not my own. I once lived apart from Your love, but it was never something that satisfied my soul like it is now. In all my sins was I more pained because of the guilt that was weighing upon my life. I may have liked it in the time that I looked at women to lust, but then felt awful in my heart later on about it. Even the pornography I looked at, ate at my soul afterward while making me feel so dirty inside. I know that I was not acting the way I should have, especially when I went so far, like David did, and had an affair with another woman. This really took me down the road of depression and my soul was heavy with Your wrath. Thank You for not striking me down at that time in my life, while allowing me to surrender myself to you. I may not have known You then, but I am grateful that You have allowed me to come unto You, that I may know You now. The day I pleaded for Your forgiveness, not knowing that You would respond favorably, is when You did come. While in Your presence, I felt peace like never before. It was like You had Your arms around me and never wanted to let me go. Oh, thank You, God. That day, Your mercy fell upon me and I was yours. Thank You for Your forgiveness and grace. I was once living a life of sin, but all this has changed since You have transformed my life. I have been cleansed by Your blood and am so grateful. You are my Savior and my greatest joy of all. I love an honor You with my whole heart. All the praise and glory to Your mighty Name, Jesus. Amen.

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