Today’s Prayer (01/05/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that we will not become haughty and think we are better than others. Surely, pride causes people that think they are righteous to fall deeper into sin than others. And this I worry about, since I know of many people that have done some great things, and I pray that they are giving You the glory. If not, then they may find themselves in this same boat of being more prideful then they should be. Lord, I know how wrong this is, for the times I’ve felt that I was in control of my life is when, and was good with You. is when I let down my armor. This is when temptation came in and destroyed my life. It was in my pride that I fell hard, and it wasn’t for weeks that I could find myself at a good point with You again. It was pornography that slipped back into my life, of which I hate spiritually, but my flesh loves. What a vice this is for Satan to tempt people with. Surely, many people in the faith have fallen and not come back because of pornography, fornication, and adultery. These things leave stains in our lives, and I am so happy, Lord, that You turned my heart away from such evil things. I know that if I had not come to You as quickly as I had about my sexual sins, I would also be in the same boat as others are in now. So praise be to Your Name, oh God, and Savior of my soul. Your mercy and grace have saved my soul from death and unto life eternal. Your forgiveness is what I needed to desire more of You now and less of me. I am honored to be Your humble servant, for all I need is what You offer me. If I accomplish anything worthwhile, I give You all the glory. I love You, God. Amen.
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