Come To Know God

I praise the name of Jesus. I lift up my hands to worship Him. He has my heart and I am forever changed by His love. He pulls me close each day and makes me new again. In His everlasting arms He takes me away in His presence. The Lord makes me brave. He gives me boldness to share His gospel truths to the world. If there is an opportunity to share his message I will go out of my comfort zone and do it. The Word of God is vital for our salvation. It wouldn’t be right if I kept this wealth of knowledge to myself. It is more precious than all the diamonds of the world. It is more valuable than all the money can buy. Nothing the world could offer can top the joy that Jesus brings into my life. There is beauty in His words. They speak to my soul. The Bible helps me know how to live my life. I can feel the presence of God when I am reading. I am grateful the Lord has sent the Holy Spirit to guide us. We are so blessed beyond measure.

To know God is more valuable than anything I know. Salvation is in His hands. Prayer to our Lord Almighty is the high point of my day. I am safe when He is near. My shield is up when temptation is at the door. The Lord fights for me and lets me know that I am important. I want all the world to know about God’s love. We don’t have to be alone anymore. We don’t have to be afraid. There is more to life than we know. The Lord has a plan for each of us. We can do amazing things when He is at the head. There is more joy than we can comprehend. Reach for the One who gives life eternal. All those that hear His voice and follow Him shall be saved. Oh Lord, I love You. I come to You with arms open wide. You have my heart. I am thankful for the sacrifice on the cross. You bled and died that we can overcome sin. You are so selfless and thoughtful. I am set free by your blood. I pray that all the world will come to know You.

Psalm 138:1-4
1 I will praise You with my whole heart; Before the gods I will sing praises to You.
2 I will worship toward Your holy temple, And praise Your name For Your loving kindness and Your truth; For You have magnified Your word above all Your name.
3 In the day when I cried out, You answered me, And made me bold with strength in my soul.
4 All the kings of the earth shall praise You, O Lord, When they hear the words of Your mouth.

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Artist: Rend Collective
Album: The Art Of Celebration (2014)
Song: Boldly I Approach (The Art Of Celebration)

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