God Loves All

To learn of God is a blessing. Each time I study the Bible my heart is overwhelmed by the Lord’s great love. I thank the Lord in prayer for showing such kindness to us all.

Read The Bible

When I stumble and fall I pick up the Bible and find renewed hope. When there is anguish and grief in my life I am comforted by the words of God.

Come To Know God

To know God is more valuable than anything I know. Salvation is in His hands. Prayer to our Lord Almighty is the high point of my day. I am safe when He is near.

We Are Forgiven

Even when we have fallen, there still is hope. We can either soak in our mistakes or come back to Jesus. Jesus casts aside all shame. His mercy is for all the broken.

Love One Another

The Lord is our guide and knows where He is sending us. If you listen to His voice and follow Him, you will have experiences that will last a lifetime.

Be Honest

If you are mixed up in a web of lies, turn to God. There is no need to run and hide. There is a way out. The Lord can open a path for you to come clean.

Give Your Heart To Jesus

We must not rely on other people who know God. There words are great but if we don’t have the Lord in our lives than we won’t be saved.

We Are All Unique

When we start coveting another person’s lifestyle and talents we are only doubting our own abilities. We should not make ourselves out to be someone we aren’t.

Do Not Covet What Is Not Yours

When we follow our own inner lusts than we are not doing the will of God. We must be truthful to all people. We must be considerate of how other people feel.

Care For The Sick

My family brings me great joy. I thank the Lord for them in my life. I love being around them. It’s love that brings us all together. It breaks my heart when they are sick.

Set Free In Jesus

Our lives are set free through the blood of Christ. Rise up and fill your time in prayer and reading the Word of God.

The Lord Brings True Joy

Seek to know the truth of God. Be teachable to the Lord in prayer. Let the Spirit move within You. Let the Lord lead you and be kind towards one another.

Pray To The Lord Almighty

Call upon the Lord in prayer. Meditate on His glory. Let His presence enter your heart. When He speaks, open your ears to hear.

Have Mercy Lord

Lord, we come to You with open arms. Forgive us of our trespasses. We are sorry for giving into our inner lusts. Let your mercy shine down upon us.

Light To The World

I believe that one day God’s glory will reign down on earth. I can’t keep this to myself. All the world needs to know that Jesus saves.

Share The Love Of God

Come to know the Lord that He may do miracles in your life. Seek Him with all your heart. Let your days be found in worship to our mighty God.

Trust God

Trust in God and not your own self lest you make bad choices. God will build you up and make you strong in the storms of life.

Surrender To Jesus

I proclaim to all people that Jesus is the way to salvation. If you have not changed your life and given yourselves to Him do it today. It’s never too late.

Lead Me Lord

The Word of God is a pillar of hope for all that read it. We must give all our energy to follow Jesus and abide by His words. In everything we do let it be for God.

Don’t Give Up

When we are tied down in addiction we may not feel up to change. Our hearts are so hooked that we lose all courage to do good. The Lord knows our struggles.