Today’s Prayer (11/25/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray for restitution in the lives of people that have been lied to and to those people, whom their names have been slandered wrongfully. Truly, there crimes and punishments were in vain and unnecessary, but the person who lied to them didn’t care for their well-being. This is so sad, Lord, and I pray that people that were affected by such people will find joy once again in Your presence, their family, their friends, and church member’s lives. May there be people in the faith that will come to their side and help them in whatsoever they can. We all know people who are suffering, and I pray Lord, that people will be moved to do something nice for them. Just because there is hardship in their life now, I know there can still be peace and a restoration in their lives, because of Your great love for us all. Sometimes we have to go through trials in life, and in the end, it only helps us deepen our walk with You, Jesus. I know that we don’t wish to see family members go out and make bad decisions that then affect our own family, but I know this happens more than we wish for, God, because people have free agency. Even though we hope people would choose to follow You and do what is right, we cannot force their hands. All I can do, Lord, is lead them to You and pray that they will repent before it is too late. Now, Lord, I am also sorry for telling my wife little lies over this last week. I know this is uncalled for, even if I say I am kidding afterwards. So I pray that You will also change my heart, that I might better serve You and do Your will. I love You, Lord. Amen.
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