Today’s Prayer (11/19/2019)

Lord, I pray that people of all ages will come to know You personally. May they come to understand that great and mighty are Your works and what You can do for them is limitless. Surely, there is no bounds to the spiritual gifts You can give them, because they love You and want to know You through their actions, and not only words. This is what I hope more people will be doing, for then will they experience the greatest joy of all, which is eternal love and happiness from above. You have the power alone to make lives whole again. You can take every vile addiction from our lives and replace them with good and holy desires. Even our sins can be forgiven, because of what You did, Jesus, on the cross. Thank you Lord. In the past, we were selfish in our own ambitions, but through Your mighty hand, all our selfishness is torn out of our lives and replaced with selflessness. Instead of wanting more and more, in order for the flesh to be satisfied, we now want to show more and more of Your love to others, that they may find satisfaction. It is true Lord, that the more I give to those in need, witness to people, and pray with people, that my joy increases. It is in Your service that I find the joy I’ve always been looking for. Nothing in this world can please my soul like You can God. For this reason, I pray that there will be more of Your desires in my heart and less of mine. I love You more than anything in this life, God. Amen.
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