Today’s Prayer (06/21/2019)

Lord, I pray that as believers in You, that we will also be faithful unto You. Be with us always, that our faith may stand up against the temptations of this world. I know that our flesh is weak without You in our lives. I cannot stand up to the lusts of the flesh without You, God. Therefore, I come unto You, Lord, each day of my life, that You may build me up and strengthen me in Your Word. I need Your guidance and direction in order to know what is right and what is wrong, and therefore, stay focused on doing Your will and not my own. My desires only get me into trouble, in that moment that You are not in my heart or mind. For the few seconds or minutes that my focus is shifted upon other things, is when my mind starts to wonder. Often, do bad thoughts come in, until my flesh is giving into its lusts. This is what I fear in life. I don’t want to leave You Lord and do things that are sinful in Your sight. This really terrifies me and I would never want to intentionally have Your wrath fall upon me. Therefore, in the moments that I see my flesh giving into the temptations of the devil, is when I know I should call upon Your name for help. For I know that You see the dangers that we are in, at all times, and are ready to help us. You have helped me, time and time again, when I’ve asked that You take my thoughts captive, and I am so grateful. It is so much better when Your love replaces the impure thoughts in my mind. Thank You for not hanging that over my head, but having mercy upon me instead. You are my God and my desires are to always have You near me. Even until the end, will I seek You, Lord, because I love You more than this life. Amen.

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