Today’s Prayer (06/01/2019)

Lord God, I pray that I and every other believer will keep the faith and stand strong in it till the very end. May every person that follows You now also abide with You always. I know that there are many people that have once knew You, but have since found their pleasures in this world and even died in their unbelief. Instead of seeking Your hand, while they had time, they instead gave it all up for the lusts of the flesh. I know that this is the devil’s mission on earth and we must fight the good fight every day of our lives, or else we will also be among those that fall away. I am so grateful God for the Bible and for prayer. If It wasn’t for Your words that are in my heart daily I’d be back committing the same old sins once again. It is because the Holy Spirit has come upon me is why my heart is made strong to resist temptation and sin. I know its effects on me and I don’t want the shame and guilt that comes with it any longer. Instead, I desire to be built up in Your love, peace and joy. It is not worth having temporary pleasure in sexual sin, for it only destroys the soul. This is a killer of many people now a-days. Because so many people that even call themselves Christians live a secret life of pornography, I know that they will be judged harshly by Your hands. They will not be among the first resurrection, to life eternal, but instead be involved in the second, which is the second death and damnation in the lake of fire. So I pray that people’s eyes will be opened to their sins and that they repent, starting today. These things I pray, in thy holy Name, Jesus. Amen.

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