Today’s Prayer (03/20/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray that we may always make You the king of our lives. And may Your will always come first above all things. This means making time for You in our day, more so than TV and anything else. You deserve our time, for Your building of the kingdom, for our lives are Yours. When I seek You Lord, my thoughts and desires and pure. I am able to think about things that are good and wholesome and I am not led into temptation. Even my desires to serve You is elevated. Truly Your words have made a huge impact in my life and I am so grateful. Your Words are truth and lead me into life. Reading the Bible truly changes me. Thank You Lord. I pray that I may never lose this desire to read and to pray. May the time with You always be more important than anything else in my day. I have wasted too much time watching TV and doing things that will not help me. It has only left my flesh open to temptation and sin. And for this I am sorry. So convict me if I am ever in the wrong, that I may repent and turn from it, right away. Your ways lead to life eternal and I’d rather walk in Your ways instead of my own. No TV show is more important than what You can teach me in Your Word and in prayer. I need You every hour Lord. You are my Savior and my guide. Lead me every day of my life. I trust in You and love You so much Lord. In Your holy Name, Jesus. Amen.
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