Today’s Prayer (01/15/2019)

Lord, it is a blessing to come unto You and to feel of Your glorious light. I now know how great it is to have Your presence with me, that I might know Your will and do what is right. Because You are with me, I am longer lifted up in my own pride but walk in the things that You lead me in. I know from the past that my pride will only let me down. I could only do things on my own for so long until things crashed down upon me. It was in my unbelief that Your light was fearful. I could not stand it, for it pierced me to the very core. Instead of faith, fear grew until I was overcome by fear. It was in this brokenness that I wished that my sins would be forgiven. So I came unto You for mercy. I knew that I had done some serious crimes in Your sight, including adultery and my pornography addiction, and didn’t think that You could ever forgive me. However, as I called upon Your Name, everything changed. I couldn’t believe it, as my sins, though they were great, were forgiven. Mercy, that I did not think was possible, was given to me freely. In this moment, Your presence came over me and I was consumed with love and joy. Thank You Lord for allowing Your light to shine through me. I am changed because of Your love for me. I no longer fear death and the judgement but look forward to it. Surely, no one is like You, God. You are the God who saves. I love You so much and am so blessed to have You in my life. All praises and glory to Your Name. Amen.

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