Food And Other Groceries For A Hungry Family

Today was a beautiful day in the service of God. On the way to the grocery store, I saw a lady and her children with her. They had a sign that said that the mother was single and the kids were hungry. I was driving past them when the Holy Spirit directed me to turn back on foot and help them. I didn’t know exactly what I would do until I got closer to them. It was then that I asked them if they would be willing to come with me to Walmart. If so, they could get a cart and put whatever they needed in it. No matter the cost, I told them that all would be ok. They said thank you, thank you, so much. And continued thanking me as we walked throughout the store, while her two daughters stuck around with the sign. Now, as we were walking down the isles of the store, they told me that they needed things to make their food like electrical pots and pans, along with food and other things. I then assured them that all would be fine in the end. So as the cart was filling up, I couldn’t help but get to know them a little. How the lady had only been in Boise with the kids for four days. How she grew up in Bulgaria and at this moment, she was just hoping and praying that someone would stop and help them. They have a hotel for the next few days but are afraid that when their money is gone, that they will be on the streets. This is very sad, but I knew that this one act of kindness would brighten their day and possibly their week. They may even see Jesus in me and praise God if they did

In my time with the lady and her son, I felt more joy in the moment of helping them than what I had experienced this entire year. I loved every minute I had to get to know them, helped them find what they needed in the store, and to also witness the truths of Jesus and the Bible with them. I told them that because God is the reason why I was helping them. He blesses me, so it is my right to also bless one another. It is His blessings upon me that I wanted to now bestow upon these wonderful people and others. In the end, they began to push the cart of food and other necessities to their minivan when I stopped them at my car. As I was putting a few items in my car, I asked if I could pray with them. They obliged and we began to hold each other’s hands as I prayed. This time was amazing. It was if God was speaking through me as He spoke blessings through me upon them. I also asked God to keep watch over them and give them peace. That more people would do what they can to help them also. Now, before I left them, I gave her son a Bible, of which I had in the trunk of my car. For the mother, I gave her a devotional card. We then hugged each other and soon enough they went on their way. We waved at each other and they shouted with joy and thanksgiving as I passed them in my car. Lastly, as Solomon said, I also say, “he that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the Lord; and that which he hath given will he pay him again.” (Proverbs 19:17) Amen and amen.

Let us pray:
Oh Lord, I pray that this family that I helped today at Walmart will be watched over. You know their names, so I don’t have to mention them here. It was a blessing just finding them and discovering their needs. Surely, what they needed for food and supplies was the least I could offer them. You give me so much, Lord. How is it for me to walk past somebody who has greater needs than myself? I can still remember the smile on the mother’s and the son’s faces as I walked around the store with them. They were in a very difficult spot in their lives, but You came through and rescued them. I was only Your messenger in finding what they needed and pay for their groceries. My money is Yours, God. So use it for Your kingdom. There is nothing I need in this life than to bless others and to have Your continual presence with me and my family. If that can just happen on a daily basis, that would be spectacular. There is nothing this world can offer me that You haven’t already. You are my greatest love of all, Jesus. I cannot tell You how much You mean to me. You gave Your life on the cross and died for me that I might be forgiven. You rose from the grave, that I might have newness of life, peace, and joy, in this life and in the resurrection. I believe You, God. Please keep an eye out for this family who was helped, and may the son read the Bible that I gave Him. The prayer we had together will not soon be forgotten and I pray that it brings the whole family to know You, God, as their Lord and Savior. I love You, Jesus. You are my God and I worship You. Amen.

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