Stand Fast In The Faith

It is important, as Christians, to stand fast in the faith. Let charity abound in our lives, and truly love the Lord Jesus.

Speaking In Tongues In Church

The speaking of Tongues should only be done in a church setting if there is an interpreter. Otherwise, there is only confusion.


Charity causes us to do acts of kindness towards others. We do this also as a humble servant of God, not looking for recognition.

A Member Of Christ’s Body

Every person’s spiritual giftings are important in God’s sight. What matters is if we use them for Him or not.


We remember Jesus’s body and His sacrifice for sins on the cross when we eat the bread and drink the cup in communion.

Run And Finish The Race

It is important that we start the race for Jesus and the gospel’s sake, and then finish it well. Rewards are then given out.


There is only one God in the heavens and earth. All other gods are false, which leads to idolatry and a falling away from God.

Courtship And Marriage

While dating, we respect the other person enough to keep sexual intimacy in marriage. This love and respect continue in marriage.

Types Of Sexual Sins

Sexual sin is destroying marriages, our relationship with our spouse, and more importantly our relationship with God, who saves.

Faithful Servant To God

If you are found to be God’s servant, then also live your life for Him. Nobody likes a hypocrite when it comes to people in the faith.

We Are The Temple Of God

Our bodies are the temple of the living God. If you defile your body, repent, lest God destroys your body and soul come death.

The Preaching Of The Cross

As believers, the preaching of the cross is the power of God displayed on earth. Jesus paid the final penalty for our sins.

Utah Mission Trip (04/06/21)

When we go out in faith for Christ, this is when He also does a work in us like no other. Open your mouth and He will fill it.

Utah Mission Trip (04/05/21)

Time with God in His Word cannot be replaced. His wisdom for us is incomparable. I love the Bible. That is why I preach.

Hope After Mormonism

There is hope after Mormonism. After a person leaves that faith behind, there is a much better path ahead of them in Christ Jesus.