Today’s Prayer (12/30/2018)

Oh Lord, I pray that more people will have an interest in doing much more than believing in You but also obey You. From Your Words, I know that keeping Your commandments is what will make us great in Your kingdom. However, I also have learned that those that keep some and disregard others are least. This does make me wonder about all the so-called Christians in this world. Do they truly love You, Lord, with all their hearts and their neighbors also? Are Your teachings in their hearts and do they teach them to their children? Is sharing their faith a part of who they for You, God? I know that I am not offended to witness my faith to the world but this confidence has come from You and not myself. I have put my faith in You and You have done the rest. You have built me up and have helped me overcome the things of this world. Even Your commands have become a delight to follow. I now love every commandment and love to teach them. I do not do so to look better than anyone else, Lord, but to simply do Your will. To obey my Father, and my God, is what I most desire. My hope is in You, Jesus. I love You. Amen.

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