Today’s Prayer (03/16/2023)

Oh Lord, help break free the Mormon people from their false teachings. It is so clear how crazy their beliefs are when reading the Bible. Especially when I read the Book of Revelations, namely, chapter 21. I see two things in this chapter that they don’t believe in. #1, how New Jerusalem will not be built, but come down from heaven after judgment has been set. #2, how wicked people are judged and also cast into the lake of fire, giving them no second chances. Lord, how is it that they still believe in a man-made temple construction when it comes to New Jerusalem? Especially, when Your Word is so clear that this will never happen. How is it that they continue doing baptisms for dead people when they have no second chances after death to be saved? God, just trying to reason with Mormons is like hitting my head against a wall. These people are hard-hearted and would rather believe in what they have been taught then to hear a Christian witness to them Your truths from the Bible. Lord, I only wish to see Mormons come off the path of destruction and onto Your narrow path that leads to eternal life. Help me in these evangelistic efforts to reach them for Your sake. I love You, Jesus. I trust in You, God. Amen.
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