Today’s Prayer (10/23/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that people’s lives will be transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit. I am praying that people will get radically saved and know what the Holy Ghost can do in a person’s life. God, so many people are living for their own flesh when Your kingdom is ready and willing to be made manifest in their lives instead. Why is it that people are choosing a life of sin, and their same daily routine, when they also say they have faith in You? This is so hypocritical. Truly, we cannot say we are for You when we are also living for the world. All I ask, God, is that people make a choice today to either be on Your side or not. We cannot have one foot in Your kingdom and another in the evil things of this world and think we are saved. If people say they are for You, then Your works for Your kingdom would be on full display. Sin would not abound, for every bit of darkness is scattered in Your Name, Jesus. May people choose You, Jesus, and love You by keeping Your commandments. This I pray, Jesus. May Your Name be forever praised. I love You, Lord. Amen.

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