Today’s Prayer (08/15/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will awake to their sins. I am astounded by all the false teachers in this world. What is so sad is the millions of people who follow them. This doesn’t happen when the Holy Spirit is with us, but for people who do not have Your gift with them, they are like wanderers in the darkness. Without the Spirit, all we can do is cherry-pick from the Bible and make doctrines out of what we read. Hence the reason for all the different cults. If these people could just know You as their personal Lord and Savior, they would come out of it and to Your feet, Jesus. I love Your ways and wish that every person would do as the Father instructs, in order to be saved. Therefore, I pray that people will be filled with the Holy Spirit if they have not yet. If people once lived for You but their faith is now dead, I pray that You will come and wake it up. To be dead in the faith makes us indistinguishable from other people in the world. Haven’t You called us out of the world and to be different? Of course, You have, God. That is what the Holy Spirit does for us. Thank You, Lord. You have made us different and now we hate even the appearance of evil. I love You, Jesus. I give my praise and honor. Amen.

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