Today’s Prayer (07/14/2022)

Oh lord, I know that judgment may appear to be far off into the future, but in reality, it is at the doors. You will be my judge the moment I take my last breath and I go before Your throne. It is my prayer that You will keep me spotless in Your sight until Your coming or my last breath. Whatever happens first, help me stay vigilant in the faith and not go down any roads that lead to destruction. I know that many people have started off as Christians and then ended up on dark paths that lead to destruction. They had salvation at their fingertips but then lost it in the end. What is sad is that many of them were to doing good in the faith until false witnesses came along their path and snatched them away. These false witnesses may think they are doing Your will, but their false beliefs and the people they have led into their cult will be upon their heads. I rebuke these individuals who have a form of godliness but inside they walk upon the blood You shed for us. If people could just be led by the Holy Spirit they would not only live for You but also be teaching what is true in this darkened world. Lord, help me to be a light to these lost souls and to lead as many people into Your fold as I can. I love You, Jesus. I trust in You. Amen.

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