Today’s Prayer (07/09/2022)

Lord, please help my family and my friends. I know that many of them have either not found Your path yet or have strayed from it. I have tried to be a light unto them, but I am only one person and it is hard to find other Christians speaking so plainly about their faith in this wicked world. Why is it, God, that it is shunned in so many households to even speak about You? How is it that people think that it will cause arguments to form when we bring up the name of “Jesus”. To these people, I pray that they will look deep into their souls and know that they are the ones in error. Because they have not found You yet, they have also caused others to keep their mouth shut when it comes to sharing their faith. But I love these people still. They are dear to my heart and You know exactly who they are. Help me to reach them individually for Your kingdom, although it may be hard to do collectively. Make these occasions possible. I would love to see more of my loved ones on earth go to heaven. It would be heartbreaking to know that many of them did not make it. So God, give these people an urgency to get right with You while they still have breath. I am grateful for Your peace and joy. I can go to sleep and know that You are with me. I love You, Jesus. Amen.
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