Today’s Prayer (07/07/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that You will be our guides in this darkened world. Help us to know Your will and also walk in Your ways. Through Your presence, there is so much light in our lives. We don’t have to worry about the wickedness in this world, for we also shine as lights in the darkness. You have done this for Your sons and daughters on earth. Lord, we love You, and to serve You is the least we can do for the King of glory. Have Your way in my life and all people who call upon Your Name for salvation. This life is cruel and persecution is ramped when it comes to sharing our faith. I am deeply saddened to know that many of my brothers and sisters in the faith have gone to jail because of their preaching with an amplifier on the streets. The world we live in is getting very crazy and our faith is being tested, God. We can either give in to what the world wants or continue to endure. I choose to endure, for I know that my outcome will be heaven with You, Jesus, as long as I cling to You. You have changed my life and living for You now is my repayment for what You have done for me. All I ask is that You give me wisdom. In Your presence, I fear and tremble, for You are so awesome and I am so small and insignificant in Your sight. Who am I to be called Your son out of the billions of people on earth. Thank You for rescuing me, God. My life is Yours. May Your will be done above all else. I love You, Jesus. Amen.
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