Today’s Prayer (07/05/2022)

Oh Lord, thank You for becoming my teacher. The words that come from the Bible are a lamp unto my feet. I also love to pray and have You speak to me in these times I am in Your presence. I love Your ways, Jesus. I know that many times I have failed You and I am so sorry. Many times I have said and done things that I regret and I pray for Your forgiveness. My wife is a wonderful example of helping me know when I falter in life. Thank You for sending her to me. Truly, the people You have placed in my life, including my beautiful children, are a blessing. You have saved me from a life of sin and now it is so simple to see how much You have blessed me up to this point. Lord, thank You for pulling me out of my own false beliefs, while leading me to know You and Your ways. I was not always for You, but that has changed. The darkness has been scattered and now all I see if Your abundant light. Continue to fill me up with the Holy Spirit. Lead me to people who are ready to receive You, Jesus, for salvation. I don’t know where these people are that I need to talk to, but You do. I want every lost person to experience You and Your truth. You have changed me from the inside out and if You can do this for me, You can do this for anyone who puts their trust in You. Only You could do this, while leading me from false teachers and prophets and to You alone for salvation. I love You, Lord. I give You praise. Amen.
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