Today’s Prayer (03/09/2022)

Oh Lord, You are so good. Truly, Your mercy endures forever. There is no end to Your goodness and grace. I am indebted to You for Your forgiveness and for adopting me into Your fold. I don’t deserve Your love for me, but still, You extend it to someone that could have easily been shunned because of what I have done. I was once under Your wrath, but that is all gone now. I am now under grace. The feelings You bring into my life are like nothing I have ever felt before. Your peace and serenity are real. I feel so uplifted after I pray and read the Bible. Doing Your will afterward brings me so much joy. I love talking with You, Lord. So often have I felt an immediate response in the chills I feel all over my body. This makes me want to rejoice and praise Your holy Name that much more. You deserve the glory and praise. Lord, although I have done work in Your kingdom I don’t wish for anyone to give me the recognition for those things. You should be recognized instead. I love You, Jesus. You are the reason I have done anything good in this life. Amen.
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