Today’s Prayer (12/29/2021)

I come to You, Father, in worship and praise. Come and dwell in me as You dwell in the Son. Have Your way in Me, God. Thank for providing a Savior for us through Jesus. He was promissed to come into the world hundreds of years before He was born and so many people died before seeing His day. I am sure that people would have loved to see their Messiah first hand while on earth, as I wish I had the same opportunity. However, the next best thing is to see Jesus after I die and go up into paradise. Where You dwell, Father, is also where Jesus dwells. This is the place I want to be forever. Dwell with me now and have mercy for my soul. Keep me in Your right standing, that I might be known by You. I only desire to build up my treasures in heaven while on earth. Everything else is done for a time, but what I do for You is for all eternity. Have Your way in my life, my wife, and two daughters. As You have saved me through the sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus, save them in the same way. I have been witnessing to them for many years now and would love to see them commit their lives to You. I love You, Father. You are my King. Amen.
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