Today’s Prayer (08/08/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that we will stay strong in the faith and not give in to the deceivers of this world. Too many people are out there to lead people into a cult that does not save, instead of leading people to know You, Jesus. I wish people would be more studious in Your Word, the Bible. Then, would they be so fast to be led astray. Your words are true. I believe in You and what has been taught in scripture. Though people will come about saying that their beliefs come from latter-day revelation from their prophets, I will not follow after them. If the Bible is silent on the topic, then I will also be. If the Bible speaks against something, I will also speak against it. If the Bible teaches us to do something specific, then I will also do it. I love Your ways. Only You, God, can lead me to heaven, where my reward is real. Keep my eyes fixed on the prize, which is eternal life in heaven. I love You more than anything this world offers. Amen.
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