Today’s Prayer (06/07/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that each person who says they believe in You will also walk worthy of their faith. That what they say in church will also be seen in action. Not only in church, but outside the church walls also. All throughout scripture, we are asked to walk worthy and to seek first the kingdom of God. By so doing, a changed life does occur. I know this to be true, for You have come into my life, as I have allowed You in. Where different addictions and various sinful things used to dwell therein, You have come and cast them all out. Thank You, Jesus. There was no more room for living for the pleasures of the flesh, but to live for You, my God, now. Eternal life and heaven above can only be gained through following You and Your teachings, Jesus. I know this to be true, but I pray that others will also. Help people understand that in baptism, we put on Christ, that You may dwell in us through the Holy Spirit. And by so doing, we are allowing You, our God, to lead us by the hand instead of ourselves. I’ve found joy in Your presence. Even peace that is beyond my understanding. May Your holiness dwell in me at all times. Help me to act loving, respectful, and kind towards everyone I meet. Open my mouth, that I may speak what people need to hear in that moment they are with me. I believe in You. I trust in You. I love You. Amen.

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