Today’s Prayer (05/22/2021)

Oh Lord, I love You and am so amazed that I am able to speak to You. Who am I among the millions of people in this world? I am like a spec of sand upon the seashore, but still, You answer my prayers. You are not so distant when I call upon Your Name but are so near to my heart. It is like You are physically with me. I love Your presence, for it always brings me so much joy and love. You help me to live differently and for this I give You thanks. If people see me differently for the better now, then You have done it all. I am only Your workmanship, which You have foreordained upon this earth. Do unto me according to Your will. My ears are wide open to listen to Your words and obey. I love Your ways, for in them I find wisdom and knowledge that is beyond truth. Nothing is better than to be taught by the King of glory. Help me, Lord, to do good works that honor both You and my neighbors. Help me to speak to others with respect and love. May all my actions be known by others as a true Christian. Since I am loved by You, it is my obligation to love one another. Even Your commands are a delight in my sight. Thank You for leaving Your commandments for us, that we might know Your will more personally. There is a way that seems right unto people, but if it isn’t according to Your will I can never trust it. And help me, God, to not be distracted by the enemy. Lead me from temptation, that I might be led by the Holy Spirit and not grieve it. I trust in You. I love You. Amen.
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