Today’s Prayer (04/14/2021)

Oh Lord, our God, have mercy upon this wicked and adulterous generation. So many people are full of lust and don’t realize they are on the pathway to hell. I wish that people would understand the gravity of their sins, but people continue to justify them day in and day out, like nothing ever happened. I have talked to so many people who are unafraid of what comes next, come death, which horrifies me just thinking about this. I can only imagine what will happen to these people when they eventually die, who were involved in sexual sin. Do they not know that You can see everything we do in this life? That nothing is hidden in Your sight? So when people are caught up in adulterous affairs, you can see everything that is happening behind closed doors. The same goes for people who are looking at pornography, having sex outside of marriage, involved in homosexual relationships, and more. Surely, our lust is going to damn us all to hell, lest we repent and turn to You instead. I know that I have been deeply involved in sexual sin myself and if I hadn’t turned from my wicked ways, my life would be an absolute mess right now. Thankfully, You didn’t cast me off into hell and had me die earlier in my sins. I know that justice would have been served, but instead, You had patience enough to see me repent and turn to You instead. Thank You, Jesus, for giving me another chance at life. I don’t deserve Your love, but to be cast off like the rest. I don’t deserve Your mercy, but am so grateful that You restored me in the faith. I love You, Lord. Lead me all my days. Amen.

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