Today’s Prayer (03/26/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that we will learn to love You, God, even with all our heart, mind, and strength. That this same love for You will radiate upon other people’s lives also. Then, we will learn what it means to be selfless, and rather care for one another than to find fulfillment in this world. I’ve discovered where true joy comes from and it is not from what people or the world has offered me, but what You can do for and through me, God. You are the rock upon which I stand and love it when I am led by Your hand. You continue to lead me into green pastures, which I love. This is when my desires to hurt somebody, to lie, to steal, to look upon women to lust, and to covet what other people have are all squashed. I love it when I am in Your presence. There is no sin in me at these times, for only Your light abounds. It is when I go astray and start doing my own things that I lose track of what is most important. The flesh begins to take the upper hand and its desires start coming out. This is when I am so weak in temptations, as I should be. Because I don’t have Your strength to resist the enemy, I am a sitting duck to the devil’s plans for my life. For this cause have I run to You for safety. While seeking You earnestly all these many days, You have clothed me with righteousness, even the amour of light. And because I am now on Your side, the enemy is no match to Your great power. I am just so grateful, God, for You took me back in, even though I have left You so many times in my life. You never cast me aside and I am so grateful. You are so merciful and patient. I love You, God. Amen.
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