Today’s Prayer (02/22/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that we will earnestly seek Your face. That we will remain in Your presence. Then, can You move in our lives and do great things in and through us. I believe in You, Jesus, my Lord, and my God. I trust in Your promises for my life and for other people who I have and will come in contact with. If people would simply call upon Your Name in prayer, they could understand the Bible truths even better and find out the importance of their own lives for Your kingdom. It doesn’t have to be a mystery when it comes to knowing Your will for our lives. People like to think that You are distant and do not acknowledge us when we pray or read the Bible. But I would ask these same people how often they seek Your face, pray by themselves and with people, read the Bible by themselves and with people, worship God by themselves and with people, go to church and work for the church, do service for their neighbors and other people who are in need, help feed and clothe the homeless and needy, and evangelize Your truths to the world. As I just spoke, there is so much more we could all be doing for You, God. But other things have clouded people’s lives. Instead of shining brightly for You in this darkened world, people have allowed the darkness to enter their lives. And because people are not reading the Bible daily on their own and with their family, people and their families are being led astray. I am afraid, God, that only a few people who go to church now are truly seeking You with their whole hearts within those walls and without. I pray that more people will be true to their faith and be saved. This is my prayer, God. I love You. Amen.

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