Today’s Prayer (02/09/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will no longer be entangled in idolatry. Too many people are looking for recognition for what they do and even give that recognition to others. Where the recognition should be given to You alone, God. Surely, it makes me cringe each time I go someplace and see a statue erected for somebody. I have even stepped foot into churches, like the Catholic church, and have seen statues of different saints and Mary, which is idolatry in the finest. And what really is unnerving is that there is an altar set apart for Mary in these same churches. So, Lord, I ask this with all the sincerity of my heart. How come they say that they are the one true church when they continue to bring forth idolatry in each of their churches and cathedrals? They have a lot going for them and if they would just remove the idolatry portion of their church, I could see them doing some good for You on earth. I am just afraid that the idols will never be removed. The traditions in their religious culture have made it so that people cannot see the evils therein. Therefore, they continue year after year without thinking anything is wrong. And so we have false teachers leading millions of people astray. Lord, this breaks my heart to see people whom I love fall victim to these lies. But I know that You are so merciful and just. If they would just wake up to their sins and repent, I know that You will forgive them. So fall afresh on them today. Do a work like never before in their lives. I would love to see the church as a whole change its wicked ways, but if that doesn’t happen, I pray that people will come of it. In Your mighty Name, Jesus, I pray this. I love You, God. Amen.
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