Today’s Prayer (01/12/2021)

Lord, I pray that people’s eyes will be opened to Your truth. That they will no longer care about what the world thinks on matters of pornography and homosexuality. Instead, have them also learn to hate and love what You do. So if You hate porn, which I know You do, then I hate it also. And if You hate homosexuality, I hate it also. I don’t hate the sinner but hate the sin. I don’t want anything to do with these adulterous affairs. How people commit fornication and don’t even think twice. This is so awful and needs to be exposed. Yes, God, don’t let people live out a life of pornography again, especially at home with kids, and at work. Instead, bring it to the light for all to see. This way a good reaction will be created in their hearts, where they will have to see where they really stand with people they work for, they deeply love, and especially You, God. Sometimes our plans need to be halted for Your plans to start coming through in our lives. People need to wake up to the destructive path they are on before they will finally reach for You in their confessions. As for me, I was once entrenched in my addiction to pornography. I had to have it often, in order for my passions to be fulfilled. And what was sad is that homosexual videos became justified also, which is sick and wrong. Therefore, I thank You for leading me out of the mess I was in. Surely, You came in and scattered all the darkness. Now, I am able to abide in Your light and finally do what You say. Thank You, Jesus. I love You. Amen.

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