Today’s Prayer (12/12/2020)

Oh Lord, I give You glory and praise. Thank You, Jesus, for coming into the world and for bearing my sins on the cross. You bled and died that I might be forgiven. You are the Christ, who was predicted of for centuries. If people had just read more in-depth of what was spoken of You in times past, then the Jews would have known for a surety that You were the true Messiah. Even God, who was made flesh. But it was necessary for You to be betrayed by Your people that You could finish what came to do. Yes, God, You came and lived a sinless life, but willingly died for the sins of the world. There is cleansing and freedom because of Your blood that shed. Thank You, Lord. I am so grateful to know You now and to be on Your righteous path. Only You could see me for who I could be and give me a new chance at life. I was dead in my sins, but You resurrected my soul. I had no chance of escaping the grips of Satan, but You came and gave me the strength to overcome temptation. Wow! I am so blessed. Lord, keep me from falling. Carry me onward, that I might never leave You again. I am Yours forever. Your commandments are delightful in my sight. I love to obey them, for it honors You, my King. I give You glory and praise, for You deserve it. I am honored just to pray and to talk to You now. Hear my cries and give me wisdom. I need your guidance and direction to find my way throughout this life. You the light that shines in the darkness, so light up my path for all to see. I love You, Lord. I lift You up and glorify Your Name. Amen.
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