Calling Halloween Good, When It Is Evil

I cannot stress this enough, my friends in the faith. We must not let down our guard during this wicked holiday, namely Halloween. Continue to be in Jesus’s light all year long and do not let the darkness of this holiday ruin your relationship with the Lord. Therefore, stay in God’s Word daily, pray often, and read daily Devotionals. This will help you abstain from what is evil and stay in line with God’s will. I say this since not many Christians believe that Halloween is evil anymore. This is because they are tricked by Satan to believe it is all fun and games. This is very sad, for Satan is winning the battle when it comes to what people do in the month of October. It is because of Halloween that there are many haunted houses and mazes to go to, along with Halloween stores and other stores with their witchcraft decorations to purchase. Even do school teachers celebrate it by having their students draw and color in pictures of ghosts, witches, jack-a-lanterns, and the like. Some of these teachers also have Halloween decorations in their rooms, which is so wrong. For example, today I where my wife teaches school, and the very next door to hers was many drawings and colorings of ghosts and other Halloween like images. This alone makes me not like public schools, for they can celebrate wicked holidays like this, but one mention of God and you are in big trouble. I told my wife about how I felt and she got very upset with me, which is sad. But the truth is that God is not in favor of what is happening because of Halloween, and is also appalled by all the Christians who celebrate it.

I myself am very disturbed just knowing that many people in my neighborhood have Halloween decorations out, which consist of gravestones, ghosts, witches, skulls, cobwebs, jack-a-lanterns, and more. I even know of a specific person who says he is a Mormon, but also a believer in Jesus, and they decorate their house like this each year also. But I am not surprised, for I have a sister and an aunt who are strong Mormons and they also decorate their houses even more so than my friend in my neighborhood. Again, they think it is all fun and games, as do many other family members who think the same about these decorations. Where haunted houses, to them, are nothing to worry about. They are just looking for a scare, they say, which they say is good. I just wish these same people knew their Bible, for it speaks out against this darkness, time and time again. Even in Isaiah 5, it is written, “woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!” (Isaiah 5:20,21) Therefore, these people who participate in Halloween, even trick-or-treating, is allowing Satan’s influences on this day and month to penetrate their lives. That is why they can’t see the evil therein and is calling evil good. They are therefore wise in their own eyes and because God is not influencing them. My friends, this world is going downhill fast, and if we do not keep seeking Jesus daily, then we will also be found with the wicked and not even be aware of it.

Let us pray:
Oh Lord, I pray that people’s eyes will be opened to the evils of this world. Thank You for showing me how dark this world is, but I need others to also see it the way I can see it now. How so much darkness is now a part of people’s lives, even in the faith, and they aren’t even aware of it. Lord, I wish that people could see the destruction ahead of their lives, but I am unable to open their eyes. Therefore, come and be the ultimate witness to people when I and others are brave enough to get on the streets and declare Your truths to others. Yes, we need Your guidance, direction, understanding, and knowledge. We cannot convince any one person on our own part to repent and turn from their sins while following You instead on our own. Only If You are near and is doing the speaking can the Holy Spirit come and pierce the hearts of the wicked. This may not come with much openness, and instead resentment, but if they allow You to do the work in their lives, all that hurt will be transformed into gladness. Yes, God, all the people who are upset with the preacher who says Halloween is evil and very dark, will finally see the truth in what they are saying. Even to the point of not letting their children go out trick-or-treating, go to haunted houses, and the like, during the month of October. All their Halloween decorations would also be burnt up and destroyed. This, I pray, and I know that You can do all things. I believe in You, Jesus. Lead those people in darkness into Your light. I love You. Amen.

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1 thought on “Calling Halloween Good, When It Is Evil”

  1. I think your wife and most other Christians have it right. “not many Christians believe that Halloween is evil anymore. This is because they are tricked by Satan to believe it is all fun and games.” This is merely your opinion. Because the Bible says nothing about Halloween, you are arbitrarily applying the label of “evil” to things you disagree with and then quoting scriptures that talk about evil generally. It’s extremely unwise to judge people’s salvation and righteousness based on YOUR standards (in fact, Jesus prohibits it). Jesus didn’t preach against cultural celebrations. Jesus didn’t preach piety. It’s fine to share your view on Halloween and the dangers you perceive, but it’s NEVER fine to wander off to Judgment Land and establish yourself as better than others. That way leads to destruction.


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