Today’s Prayer (10/15/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that every person who is a part of the Mormon Church will repent and come out of that cult, starting today. Oh how deceived they are into following false prophets. Surely, You have warned us over two thousand years ago to not be deceived into following people who say they are prophets and apostles and are not. But people have not listened and have gone their own ways into these dark paths. And I fear, God, that millions upon millions of Mormons are now suffering in hell because of what Joseph Smith did. He is such a liar, and although I am upset at what he has done to my family, I know that you are a just God and he will get exactly what is coming to him. I can’t believe that I was deceived for 33 years of my life into believing that Mormonism was true. And now most of my family are still under the deceptions therein. They cannot see the destruction that comes before them, but I can. You have given me eyes to see and ears to hear You. Therefore, I can see that this false prophet is leading as many people to hell with him. And it was Satan’s plan, in the beginning, to lead away people captive into following a false gospel, which appears good in their own sight. This makes me so mad, God, that people I know and love are under Satan’s deception, even now. I wish I could come to each of my brothers and sisters, and their families, and tell them the truth. That only You, Jesus, can save us. Not a religion, or our works, but only what You did for us on the cross can wash us clean. I believe in You, Jesus. Please give me opportunities to speak to my family and others who are lost. I wish to lead them to You before it is too late. I love You. Amen.
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