Today’s Prayer (10/14/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that You will remove the blinders off of every Mormon person’s eyes. That they will begin to learn from Your hand and not by corrupt men any longer. There are many false beliefs in Mormonism, especially with their belief in many gods, which I cannot stand. Surely, this is such a terrible belief, for it is the same thing that Satan wanted from the beginning. Just like he wanted to be elevated to godhood, but then was cast down to the earth, now he wants his followers to think the same thing. Anything he can do to make a person believe they are on Your side but really are not is a part of his evil schemes. So Lord, break these chains of darkness in every person in that cult. I love the Mormons but cannot stand to think that they are on the pathway to hell because of their false gospel, teachings, and idolatry in their church. How can they continue to believe in what their false prophets and teachers are telling them and still feel good about themselves? Are they not reading the Bible, in order to fact check what people have said? We cannot believe everything a person says, for it could very well be blasphemy to Your Words. So, God, I know that most of my family are Mormon and that they are very lost in that faith. I love to visit and spend time with them, but in my heart, I wish they would be open to hearing and learning the truth of the gospel before it is too late. Would You please make a way for me and others to reach them? I know that even among my siblings are among your elect few, who are able to hear the true gospel message of the Bible and be saved through Your blood Jesus. Make this so Lord. I believe in You. I trust in You. Amen.

Many False Gods In Mormonism

To believe in many gods, or that you will become one, means that you deny what the Bible says. This is breaking God’s commandment.