Today’s Prayer (09/19/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that we will stay in tune with You throughout each day of our lives. That we will not be a friend to this world but stay in Your perfect will. I love it when You are near, for the hair on my arms stands up and I get chills throughout my body. How awesome it is to be in worship and know that You are so near. I love it when I can know that You are ready to guide me by the hand. This is when the darkness is scattered and Your light enters in, even in a very big way. Thank You, Jesus. You are so good to me. I have so much to say and it is in praise to Your great Name. Holy are You, Jesus. Lord, keep me every close to Your presence. Don’t allow me to get sucked into the world, once again. All I know is that Satan can make things appear to be good on the outside while giving us the same chills when we indulge in them. So often does worldly music, movies, video games, receiving new things like phones, and things we do in the outdoors brings us the joy we are looking for in the moment. Even to the point of us experiencing a euphoria, which is only masqueraded as good. And instead of us seeing the filth that is therein, we get so sucked into these things and our minds get clouded. We can’t even see that these things are really tearing You down, which is very sad. What really breaks my heart, Lord, is that people who are into such filth are often unwilling to listen to us Christians. So convict them of their sins. We can do all we can to share the truth, but we need the Holy Spirit to do the rest. Lord, lead them out of a life of guilt and into Your light. Then, will they encounter the greatest joy of all, which comes from You, Jesus. I love You. Amen.

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