Today’s Prayer (09/11/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that more people will have faith in You and be baptized. Too many people in our day and age now teach things that go against what You have said in scripture, which is to believe in You and be baptized. Then, we shall be saved. But how is this Lord? How can people who call themselves Christians leave out the importance of baptism and just tell their congregation to have faith? This leads me to believe that they know of the different teachings of the Bible, but only desire to teach the things that jive with their belief system. And so we have the philosophies or traditions of men being mixed in with the church, where really we have man’s own opinion on things, instead of You orchestrated their church. This is so sad and tells me that these pastors need to wake up and repent. I wish these men and even women now, would acknowledge everything in scripture as Your Words and teach on them. I say even women since this is blasphemy. The Bible clearly teaches that only men are pastors. Lord, we are living in a fallen and darkened generation, where even churches are corrupted. No wonder why so many people live just like the world and don’t even think it is wrong. Lord, only Your will power can change this, but I am afraid it is too late for that. I have seen the signs of Your coming and they are here and now. So it is my prayer that more people will come to true faith in You and be baptized. That they will come out of the darkness and into Your light. Give them wisdom, as they start reading the Bible daily and praying often. Doing this will change their entire mindset on things. I love You, Lord. I give You praise and honor, this day and forever. Amen.

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