Today’s Prayer (09/07/2020)

Oh Lord, this day I cry out to You for answers. Help me to know Your will for myself and for others. May I learn how to treat people with Your love, respect, and kindness. I love it when You are merciful to me and pray that I might be so merciful to others when they have said or done things bad things to me. In my own mind, I cannot love on these people as You do, but only treat them poorly and say things I shouldn’t. Therefore, I pray that there will be no more walls built up, but only love shown back to all people. Tear down any walls and hard feelings towards anyone still, and give me over to love on them. I love You, Lord, and wish that all people could experience Your same love. What would be even better if people could come to know You personally, as I have, and be saved. So I pray that You will light up my life. May people see You in me and then glorify You, God, in heaven. On my own, I am a wretched sinner and nothing different than people in the world, but with You in my life, I am lifted up in Your might and strength. My faith is alive and I can do all things by Your mighty hand. So Lord, help me to always remember You and to continue to have clean hands and a pure heart. May Your desires become mine also, that I might go forth and accomplish Your will for mankind. In these things I pray, knowing that You are right there with me. I give You praise and honor. I love You so much. Help me, even all my days. Amen.

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