Today’s Prayer (09/01/2020)

Oh Lord, thank You for all Your creation. You are the best architect that exists in heaven and earth. Your handiwork is unmatched. What You are able to achieve is stunning in everything about it. How awesome are the different types of animals upon this earth. They are all uniquely made and have their own characteristics about them that make them special in their own way. I love to admire horses and how elegant they look and trot upon the earth. The giraffe, and how tall it really is in person, along with it’s neck. It is able to reach the highest tree branches with ease. Even the elephant is so unique with its big ears, which helps them keep cool in the blazing sun. Lord, camels are made perfectly with their two humps on their back, in order to transport goods and people throughout this earth. And I can go on talking about how cool the hippo’s look, but how fierce they really are in person. Truly, what You are able to do and create will never be achieved by any mere human. We are also Your handiwork and are created in Your image. What an amazing thing it is to have my spirit be put in a baby boy at birth, in order to one day have me grow up to know You personally. Lord, I do pray that people will see Your creation and give You glory. Everything we see on earth is a sign from heaven above. You did it all, Lord. It is people who are using what You have given us for our needs. Thank You! I love You, Jesus. I lift You up in praise and honor. You are my king and I worship You. Amen.
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