Today’s Prayer (08/27/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will remember You all their days. That people will understand that doing Your will one time a week does not make them Your disciple. Lord, help people know that abiding in the things of this world is evil. That we are to be separate and only through Your presence in our lives can we achieve this. Lord, You make us different. We cannot flee iniquity on our own, but only if we start abiding in You each day. Lord, be with us always. Help us gain Your understanding and begin to distinguish what is true and what is false. Lead us far from sin and into Your light. I need You, Lord. Be my teacher at all times in my life and help me to always know Your ways and not my own. Help me to be a wise teacher and not a person who treats other people with animosity or disrespect. I want to share the truth of the gospel, but do not wish to skew the importance of it or change it in any way. May the simplicity of the gospel be upon my lips when I speak. And please call more people in the faith to walk in it. I know that You have done this before, but these people who have resisted You need to be awakened from their sleep. Too many people are on the path that leads to destruction and need to be made aware of this before it is too late. I wish to see more people be saved and come to know You as their personal Savior, Jesus. You are mighty to save and I love You. I give You glory and praise, this day and forever. May Your Name be glorified and lifted up high. Amen.
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