Today’s Prayer (08/19/2020)

Oh Lord, I wish that every person could be transported in the Holy Spirit, but I know that my wish is not possible. For only those people who truly worship You, believe in You, and do Your will, can this miracle and others happen in their lives. I wish I could give people a taste of what living in Your presence is like, for it is amazing, but I cannot tell people what to do. They must decide on there own that they want to live their life for. I can pray that they will turn to follow You in this life and then be with You in the next, but this decision is there’s. Lord, I do not understand how people can desire to go to heaven when they don’t even desire Your presence while in this life. This saddens my soul to think of all the people who are lost in their sins right now and are headed to destruction and hell. People need to be awakened, that they may draw near unto You now in repentance before it is too late. Having a relationship with You, God is something I would never give up. Your ways lead to true happiness and it doesn’t just happen for a moment. There is joy abundant in the moment and it continues, which is remarkable. How wonderful will it be to have Your presence with me at all times in heaven. I want to be where You are. Most of my life I did not live up to Your standards, but I am grateful to be allowed into Your fold now. I love You more than ever and wake up every day knowing that You are on my side. And if You are with me, who can be against me? Lord, take me anywhere You want me to be. Even transport me in the Holy Spirit to places You need me to be at. I am Your willing servant and I love You. I give You praise and glory, this day and forever. Amen.
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