Today’s Prayer (08/04/2020)

Daily Prayer:
Lord, I pray that all my friends, family, including relatives, will all come to know You one day. I would love to see these wonderful people in heaven, but they need to first make a choice to believe in You unto salvation. So many people have it wrong when it comes to being saved. They think they can continue living their own lives and just believe in You. And this is very sad to know of and see. Don’t people realize that doing Your will is important? Don’t people realize that only those who love You are those who keep Your commandments? The Bible is clear about these things and to not even call You Lord if we do not do what You say in life. So Lord, please wake these people up from their slumber. May they come to You like I have and others and then experience what true joy is really like. I love You, Lord. I just wish more people I know and love would desire to be saved and then become real Christians. People that hat honor You in what they say and do. I say these things in thy holy Name, Jesus. Amen.

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