Today’s Prayer (06/19/2020)

Oh Lord, I give You thanks, this day and forever. Thank You for being there in my life. Thank You for protecting me from the enemy. There is peace in my life because I am safe from every wicked and vial temptation that the enemy throws at me. I may not have been able to escape these sinful things before, but You have built me up to be the person I am today. If I am righteous, You have made me righteous. If I am holy, You have made me holy. If I am pure, You have made me pure. If I am filthy, the world has made me this way. If I am lusting and coveting things I shouldn’t, then my flesh has taken over. I know when I am for You and when I am against You. And sin is what destroys me from the inside out each time that I fall. I know that I have left You and I am sorry. So Lord, keep me ever in Your presence. As You have set me free from a life of bondage and sin, I have been given a clear mind, so that I can think clearly and make the right choices. The sins of this world are exactly that, very sinful and filthy in my eyes. Why would I wonder any longer in sin, if it is only going to lead me to feel more guilty and shameful later on about my life? It is like a roller coaster ride of depression and guilt that I do not wish to go through anymore. So take my hand, dear Lord. Help me to fight the good fight and not fall victim to any more addictions that will only take me down a place I should never be. Where You are is where I want to be. And I know that You are calling me to love one another. To not be so caught up in what benefits our own flesh, but what can benefit one another instead. You are who makes me selfless. I cannot do this on my own. So thank You, God. I love You, Lord, and to love one another is the least I can do. I give You praise and great glory! Amen.

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