Today’s Prayer (06/18/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will read the Bible for themselves and not just get all their theology and beliefs from their church, pastors, priests, bishops, teachers, and other Christians. This way of learning is only good if people decide to back things up with the Bible, and not take everything people say as fact. I was lost for many years of my life, while believing in things that were wrong, but seemed right. I did not know this, however, until I truly researched what You really taught in scripture. I decided that if You were able to teach me things, then I would rather believe in what the Bible says over man. Then, You did something amazing. You opened my eyes to Your truth, which is found in scripture. I saw things that I never knew before. My questions were answered each day that I read the Bible. I thought I would hate unlearning things that were wrong, but it became delightful in my sight. I loved everything You were teaching me and still do. This means more to me than the years of learning something different. Lord, I now have a road map that I know for sure comes from You, which makes me very happy. Wow, You are so good to me, Lord. I have something real to trust in and not worry about it being torn and tattered by other people’s misinterpretation and even additions to Your words. Surely, my understanding has been enlightened and it all began the day that I cried unto You for forgiveness and mercy. You heard my cries and had compassion for my soul. This led me to desire more and more of what the Bible says, and You did exactly what I thought You would, which is allow me to see things clearly. I know that You are much bigger than what people make You out to be. You are the Lord God Almighty and deserve our time and attention. Thank You for Your wisdom and understanding. I was desperate to know the truth and much knowledge was gained thereafter. Thanks again, God. I love You so much. Doing Your goods works is all I desire. Keeping Your commandments is what I am made for. Amen.
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