Today’s Prayer (06/17/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that more people will examine their lives. That they will not wait until judgment to see if they are found innocent or guilty. It doesn’t have to end badly for people as long as they still have breath. There is still time for people to repent and give their lives to You, Jesus, in prayer. Then, You can take a wretched person like I was and conform that man, woman, or child, into the person You wish they would be. We are either living in our old life still or have been given a new life. This new life cannot be gained any other way, but through Your mighty hand, Lord. We must call upon Your Name in prayer, and then forgiveness can take place in our lives. As we enter baptism, can the fire of the Holy Spirit enter our lives, and renew our souls. Lord, all I desire is to live this life for You. I have been found unworthy most of my life, but since You cleansed me of all my sins, my thoughts and desires have been moved to trust in You now. Therefore, I pray that You will continue to use me all the rest of my days. Shine Your light down from the heavens, even upon my life and other Christians, that more people will see You in us and want to follow You. Help me to be a good example to everyone round about me. Help me to always make the best choices. I know that my flesh desires certain things, and will often lead me on an entirely different path, which is evil if I am not looking to You in faith. Therefore, keep my eyes looking upward. Guide me in everything I do. I do not wish to conformed like the world any longer, but to have Your purity and righteousness flow into my life daily. Cast out any wicked part of me that still exists and replace these things with Your love. I love You more than what this world offers me. I love You, Lord. I give You glory and praise.

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