Today’s Prayer (06/01/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will begin to have a more generous heart towards full-time missionaries and those on mission trips. So often do these people struggle to find a place to stay and even have the food they need to survive, where so-called members of the faith live much better lives. How is this Lord? Where is the kindness and love for men and women of God anymore? Where has their love gone towards if it is not for the welfare of the people serving in Your kingdom? I can think of a few places where people are spending their money, instead of on people who need it most, and it really saddens me deeply. How can people be so selfish when many other people are suffering? Not only do the homeless need our care and support, but these people that are serving in Your kingdom, day in and day out, are also in need of our help. These are those who we should be willingly opening our doors to. And instead, these people have to search and search for someone who is humble enough to take them in and even feed them. Lord, I pray that all this will stop. Even in Your mighty Name, Jesus, I desire this with all my heart. I pray that people who are serving You will no longer have to worry again about things any longer. Even where they stay the night and the food they will eat will be furnished for them. I know that a change is coming in the hearts of all Christians, and I rejoice just knowing this. There still are good Christians out there who want to love on those more in need than themselves. Their money is not squandered on things of this world, but for the building up of Your kingdom. I love You, Lord. Your ways are pure and holy. They are also loving and kind. I pray that I will become more like You every day. That Your characteristics of love and kindness will become who I am. I love you, Lord, and am grateful to be apart of helping any full-time missionaries, including people on a mission trip. Helping them is helping Your kingdom go further than ever before. Amen.

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