Today’s Prayer (04/24/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will begin to read and study the Bible for themselves. It is one thing to hear another person speak and even participate in a lesson in church, then reading for ourselves in Your Word daily. How can Your Word become a lamp unto our feet, if it is only this way for another person, but not for ourselves? And how can a person teach that doesn’t actually abide in your word daily? Oh, how twisted our minds get when we are not anxiously engaged with Your Word and in prayer each day. Even our belief systems get stained with the thoughts of other religions and the thoughts of this world because we did not make it a choice to live for You daily. This is very sad since many people are now tied to many false religions and cults because they did not make it a priority to learn for themselves what is truth in the Bible. Surely, we should not put all our trust in people, for they can unknowingly or knowingly lie to our faces. People may seem to be so genuine in what they do, but really they may be a wolf in sheep’s clothing while doing Satan’s work unknowingly. And then these same people that are brought in to do the same things and are now servants of the devil also. This is very disturbing and needs to stop, Lord. Yes, God, I pray that people will desire to know for themselves what the Bible actually says. Then, if people would begin to read Your Words as a child, then their understanding would be opened. Even fountains of knowledge, wisdom, and counsel for their lives now. Lord, the Bible has become a lamp unto my feet. People may try to sway me to believe in certain things, but if You have not said it, then I’d rather put my trust in You. I know that the Bible speaks of our day and is a guide to our lives now. Help everyone in the faith realize this, that they may not turn their hearts from You. I love You, Lord. Amen.
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