Today’s Prayer (04/17/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will remember the importance of living for you and not the flesh. To many people, I am afraid of, are losing their salvation because of their unbelief and sinful state. People now love the things of the flesh and what they have in their possessions more than You. People can’t even put down their phones, but still, they cannot lift up a finger to read the Bible, or even sit for a while to pray. This is very sad to see in our day, but surely this has been prophesied of long ago. That only those people that will endure in the faith shall be saved. Surely, people will come to You in judgment saying they did all these great and mighty things in Your Name, but really they never made it a priority to know You personally. If they had, then they would have lived their entire lives for you and not just a moment of time. Lord, our time on earth is so vital for our salvation. Therefore, we need to make every breath that we take to be counted for Your kingdom. We can’t be doing our own things and still think that You are ok with our actions. What people need is Your light in their lives. They need Your strength. They need Your shield. They need your arms to carry them forth, lest they fall deeper and deeper into sin. The enemy has a stronghold upon people and if people do not wake up to their sins, they will die in this fashion. Lord, I wish that more people would be saved, but it is getting harder and harder to reach people with the gospel. People are so stuck in their ways that they don’t wish to have the Bible speak truth to their lives. If they did, then maybe they would be living differently. And maybe You would be the center point of their lives. Lord, I am grateful to know You. I love You with all my heart. Amen.

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