Today’s Prayer (04/16/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will understand the need to do Your will, even in these dark times that we are living in. I know how doing right and wrong has been skewed because of the world we live in, but all this can change when people begin to look to You in faith. It is then that all these worldly and evil deeds are able to become a thing of the past, where You give us eyes to see the wickedness in this world. Surely, without the Holy Spirit leading us, we are like everyone else, who is living for the flesh and not for You. People may think that they are doing that which is good in Your sight, but if You are not orchestrating their actions, it is all filthy rags, as Your Word says. That is why I plead for people to wake up to their sins and repent today. And if they have not already been baptized to set an appointment to get this done sooner right away. People need to commit their lives to follow You, and in baptism this is where it all takes place. Where the Holy Spirit becomes a part of who we are, day in and day out. This is the gift that people are missing, and I pray that this urgency to be born again becomes a reality in people’s minds before it is too late. And for those people that are baptized and are continuing to live out their own sinful lives apart from You, may they see how far they have fallen, and confess their sins openly to You, God. We all have a need to repent and be covered by Your blood. This is not a bad thing, but something that every person that is humble can see the need for. I love You, God. I also love it when You pick me back up again after I have fallen. This way I can follow You and not have to worry about doing what is right on my own anymore. In my own strength I am weak, but in You, I am strong. This I pray, in Your mighty Name, Jesus. Amen.
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